Long dress

Clothes for Women

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House of Jean Paul Gaultier (French, founded 1974)
Long blue lace printed dress reminds the Delft blue pottery ornements made in Fuzzi mesh fabric. The Fuzzi family fabric trade (Italian, founded 1954) developped their signature "Polyamide tulle" – a unique, semi-transparent fabric with a dry hand-feel that prints with tremendous permanence.

The 21st century is the culmination of the process of evolution of the fashion trends initiated after the First World War. The standardization of the sizes favors the material like the knit jersey, which marries the body without complexity of sewing. The print replaces the ornamentations of another time, which was aesthetic but constraining the movements.
Polyamide tulle
circa 2000 France

Exhibition History
2018.9.1 - 2018.9.30 – "Centenary of the fashion through the Alexandre Vassiliev Collection. 1914-2018", Château de Querrieu, Querrieu, France