Fashion engraving from "Journal des Dames et des Modes"

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JOURNAL DES DAMES ET DES MODES (French, 1797 - 1839)
Watercolour fashion plate n29 from the Journal des Dames et des Modes, represents women's parisian costume according to fashion trends in 1827.

Engraving depicts two women modeling fashionable gowns. The lady on the left is wearing a white dress with half transparent gigot sleeves and repetitive motif of small pink flowers. Her waist is accentuated with a large belt buckle, and her wrists are adorned with a pair of bracelets. She is wearing a large hat with flowers. The lady on the right is wearing a white dress with low shoulders and adorned on the bottom with ruffles. She is wearing a long yellow scarf shawl with fringes on the sides. Her neck is adorned with a cross consisting of small pearl beads, and her hat has pink and yellow feathers.
Hand-coloured engraving
1827 Paris, France
Length : 12 cm
Height : 19 cm