Romantic portrait of Aimée and Louise VIEILLOT

Fine Arts

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Full length painting portrait of two sisters represented on a romantic movement landscape. The elder one, Aimée VIEILLOT (1816 - after 1865), is wearing a blue colour dress with short balloon sleeves and a bow hairstyle. The younger lady, Louise VIEILLOT (1818 - ?), is wearing a same style dress of light white colour and similar hairstyle. Two women are cuddling each other and linked with a multicolour shawl. The portrait of two sisters comes from the family collection of Paul POIRET.

The father of Aimée and Louise, Louis Augustin VIEILLOT, was manufacturer of indiennes tissues, and gave much of his time to music and painting. He acquired a property of Quatre-Mares, and made it a cradle of the family. Further he became Mayor of Sotteville-les-Rouen. The VIEILLOT family was in the origins of the manufacturing process of indiennes fabrics in Normandie region of France.

Indienne ("that which comes from Eastern India"), was a type of printed or painted textile manufactured in Europe between the 17th and the 19th centuries and resembling similar textile originally made in India (hence the name). Their importation and production in France was prohibited through a Royal French Ordinance in 1686 in order to protect the local French woolen and silk cloth industries. The indiennes continued to be produced locally despite the heavy prohibition, and were eventually legalized again in 1759. The manufacturing of indienne is indeed a complex industrial process for the time, which requires a reflection and a tight management of the process, with multiple stages, of which the washing of fabrics several times.
Oil on canvas
circa 1825 France
Length : 54 cm
Height : 65 cm