Vaslav NIJINSKY theater costume replica


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Replica of the theater costume worn by NIJINSKY and created by Léon BAKST for the ballet "Les Orientales". The ballet was presented for the first time in 1910 by the Russian Seasons conducted by Sergei DIAGHILEV.

Consists of 6 pieces: hat, purse, waistcoat, apron, collet and culotte.
Hat: net embroidered with metallic thread and metallic guipure, adorned with a silk thread tassel.
Purse: Silk purse with cotton lining, outer decaration - metallic thread crochet work, metallic wowen handles.
Waistcoat: metallic thread crochet work.
Apron: mustard and ivory color silk with gold thread embroidery on the front and on the belt. Adorned with gold thread tassels.
Collet: mustard silk with cotton lining, on shoulders and cuffs - net with metallic thread embroidery and gold thread embroidery, gold thread tassels; ivory woolen collar with gold thread embroidery, circular patterns with turquoise half-beads embellishment and cone-shaped gold thread wowen buttons in the center, outer edge of the collar edged decorated with gold thread wowen cone-shape beads with red glass bead finishing; the inner side of the collar and the front edge of the collete decorated with round-shape gold thread wowen buttons. Inside - silk underarm dress-shields one of which holds manufacturer's logo with inscription: D.H. (inside a star), DRESS SHIELDS, THE "STAR" SERIES, MADE IN ENGLAND.
Culotte: mustard and gold silk with greysh cotton lining, fastening on the crochet of 5 cotton trimmed buttons; outer part shows chain-stitch floral-motif embroidery in gold and silver thread, decorated with metallic sequins and cannetille on top of each, gold thread passementerie. The buttonholes band in the crochet holds an inscription: "EVER READY" BUTTONHOLES PAT.NOV. 12:07" (probably English or American).

Most probably French work, embroideries partly made in Turkey, Constatinopole (apron and collar), some parts - English. 

The lot also includes an antique photo (circa 1910-1914) depicting an anonymous man (resembling Vaslav Nijinsky a lot thought not proven to be him) wearing this costume. Probably, the man could be the proprietor of the costume. Since 1909, the year when Diaghilev introduced Russian ballets into his Saisons russes, these ballets, majorly in Russian and Oriental style, became world famous. Also at this epoch costumed balls were popular. Thus this costume might be a replica ordered by some wealthy (the work is very expensive and abundant) man (possibly English), fan of Russian ballets, for some costumed ball.  The pose of the man in the photo might rise to the pose of Vaslav Nijinsky wearing his Oriental danse costume as depicted in Jacques-Émile Blanche's costume.
Gold thread
Silver thread
Glass beads