Portrait of a woman

Fine Arts

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Painting portrait of a noble woman wearing a dress in white brocade with golden colour stylized ornaments and wearing a hairstyle "à la Fontanges".

As the name tells itself, it was invented by the beautiful Marie Angélique de Scorraille de Roussille, Duchess of Fontanges (1661-1681). Mistress of the king Louis XIV, while following him to the hunt, she disheveled by the wind and she raised her hair with the help of her garter. Louis XIV was so charmed that he begged her to do so every day. The hairstyle "à la Fontanges" was born. This scaffolding of loops, fixed by pearl head pins, will then serve as a foundation for an ever higher headdress also called fontange.
Oil on canvas
circa 1720 France
Length : 50 cm
Height : 60 cm