Card case


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Dance card case lacquered and painted with in brown with blue and pink floral arrangements around oval plaque miniatures on either side of the case. One illustration depicts a woman and boy sitting in nature. The woman is wearing a pink corseted bodice with a blue skirt. Her hair is pulled back. A pink and blue bow decorates her hair and her bodice. She is barefoot with a white cloth on her lap. The boy sitting next to her is playing flute. He is wearing a white shirt and hose under orange breeches and a waistcoat. On the other side of the case is a painting that depicts the remanence of a greek ionic temple. 

Dance cards listed the specific dances to be performed at balls and provided lines for the owners to fill in the names with whom they intended to dance each successive dance with.
Bois Durci
Oil paint
circa 1860 France
Width : 1 cm
Length : 7 cm
Height : 10.5 cm