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House of Dior (French, founded 1946)
Ricci Michaels / Mayfair (British, active 1960s)
House of Jean Patou (French, founded 1914)
House of Lanvin (French, founded 1889)
A Page from French magazine. Illustrated in 1969. On one side (page № 17) depicted three women wearing a creation of Houte Couture designers: Nina Ricci, Jean Patou and Lanvin. 
RICCI chose a supple crepe for this two-piece bodice with a V-neckline, revealing a short pleated skirt. A wide draped belt, edged with feathers, marks the hips.
PATOU illuminated this dark dress, slightly flared with an inlaid ruff, punctuated with a large bow, long sleeves and white cuffs.
LANVIN: Shirtdress, which flares out gently from the hips. Large embroidered lamb sleeves give it all its allure.
On the other side is depicted a woman wearing a creation of Dior.
Dior: Evening dress is given by the importance of its wide sleeves. Top of the dress is embroidered on the bodice.
circa 1969 France
Width : 0.5 cm
Length : 26.5 cm
Height : 35.5 cm