Xavier SAGER (French, 1881 - 1969)

Illustrator and painter. Xavier SAGER is best known for his illustrated thousands of postcards (he would have illustrated nearly 3,000 with a total number of printing estimated at three million), musical scores and calendars between 1900 and 1914 in his Paris studio. For all the paintings, we can say that they are classified in several types: the views and landscapes of the Côte d'Azur, the animated paintings of Lions, the landscapes of the Orient, the landscapes of Bretagne, the Pierrots, various illustrations. Xavier SAGER has signed some paintings of the anagram of his name: Regas and some of his humorous postcards named Salt Lake or Léger. And that many other illustrators have drawn inspiration from his caricatures of twentieth-century life; such as: Mertzanoff, Vindier, Ch. Naillod, G. Mouton, Roberty, Robé, Molynk, Albert Guillaume, Louis Icart and Abel Faivre. Some claim, however, that it would be Xavier Sager who imitated the style of other contemporary artists